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Project III: Movement

After much debate, I have decided to do my project on movement. Movement is when the eye travels throughout the artwork because the of the visual pathways. Certain elements like line and shape direct the eye.

Here are some tips that I found on artapprenticeonline.com:

-large objects placed far apart will cause the eye to bounce back and forth between them

-you can use a trail, bridge, or pathway

-frame the main subject with other objects

-in landscapes you can use the perspective and lines and size of the buildings

I was originally inspired by this picture:

which I found in the section about balance. The perspective and focal point were to show an example of radial balance, and I almost chose balance just because of this picture. But other photos like


made me realize I could do more with movement and also use inspiration from the first image. I’m now thinking of doing a collage of scenery and pieces of scenery using perspective and line to move the eye through the piece.



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