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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Phone Tutorial

Basic Shapes

I learned how to use basic shapes to recreate a scanned image like in the one above. Using pathfinders as well I was able to make the basic shapes seem more complex, like with the crescent moon shapes and the connecting circles. I also learned how to make polygons using the basic shapes tool.

Fill and Stroke

I learned what exactly fill and stroke is, and how to apply it to the image so that a shape is either filled in or transparent. We used this to fill in the black shapes and to keep the white shapes white.

Clipping Masks

I understand this tool the least, and I’m a little iffy on if I could recreate it on another image. It might take some trial and error. But it seems really useful and could be fun, especially if the masked shape wasn’t just a rectangle but something more complex.




Minus Front:



Project I: Preschool Scissors

Although not technically for office use, I really like these scissors. I like the shape of scissors in general, but these preschool scissors look like the short stubby baby of normal scissors. The negative space between the handles is closed off because of the spring that makes it easier to cut. I like the smooth texture of the plastic and the values created from all the crevices and shapes.

Project I: Binder Clip

These two pictures are both of the same object but are so different. It made me think of all the ways that you can look at the binder clip, and how unique and versatile it is. Leave the handle open and they look like birds; leave them closed and now they look like little purses, or altogether like a pinwheel.

There’s an interesting combination of organic and mechanical lines, from the curves at the top of the handles then to the straight lines that lead back to the triangular base.